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Dr. Sandra Häbel

Research Profile

I am particularly interested in gobal development, gender equality, inter-regional affairs, policy coherence for development – all with a normative lens. If you are interested in more details, please click here.

Current Projects

I am currently working on two themes:

Theme 1: Gender Coherence for Development in ASEAN

Theme 2: Civil Society Participation and Just Transition in EU-Nicaragua Relations

See here for more information.


Find a list of publications here.

What’s new?


The youth branch of of RISC-RISE, JUNTOS, is currently developing an empowerment series for children and youth by sharing stories of inspiring women in our everyday lives. The first interview was a great success and a motivaitonal story for many students.

To watch the full interview, click here.


I am proud to announce that I was recently appointed Associate Director for the RISC-RISE Consortium. What an honor!

I look forward to playing a bigger role in this great community.


The organizing committee for this year’s RISC-RISE doctoral and post-doctoral school on “Comparative Sustainable Regional Integration” has opened the call for participation.

All information can be found here.