My Research Profile

My research interests are regionalism and inter-regionalism, particularly in Europe and Asia, global development, policy coherence for development (PCD) and norm implementation at different governance scales.

I consider myself a researcher of norm implementation at different scales: (1) between international actors through, for example, bilateral agreements, (2) between governance levels, such as international, regional, national and local, (3) as a way to hold actors (governments or regional organizations) accountable to their own normative commitments.



From 2018 until early 2021, I was RISC Fellow at the Consortium for Research on Regional Integration and Social Cohesion/Social Elevation (RISC-RISE).

Since 2021, I have the honor to play a bigger part in RISC-RISE as Associate Director.

RISC-RISE Early Career Researcher Platform

I am the President of the RISC-RISE early career researcher platform under which I organize and host bi-weekly work sessions and co-organize our biennial early career researcher forum.

Doctoral and Post-doctoral School

As Associate Director I co-organize

RISC-RISE’s biennial doctoral and post-doctoral summer schools on Comparative Sustainable Regional Integration.

Social Media Management

As RISC Fellow I maintain RISC-RISE’s social media outreach. Have a look at RISC-RISE’s Facebook page here:

PCD Knowledge Platform

I contribute to the building of the new PCD knowledge platform. More information to come.


2018 PhD in Social Siences

University of Helsinki, Finland

2018 PhD in Political Science

University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

2014 MSc in European Governance

University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

2011 BSc in European Studies

University of Twente, Netherlands


Visit to Ha Giang during 2015-16 fieldtrip to Vietnam

Fieldwork in Viet Nam, winter 2015-16

I have started gathering fieldwork experience for the first time as part of my master’s thesis on normative policy coherence for development in the European Union. Since then, I have had the opportunity to gather further fieldwork experience in Belgium, Vietnam and Mexico, where I have coducted interviews with political officials representing the European Union (EU), EU member states, development cooperation agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

Fieldwork in Mexico, spring 2019


In 2019, I won a fellowship sponsored by the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to conduct research on policy coherence for development in ASEAN at the Graduate Institute of Development Studies, National Chengchi University, Taipei.

RISC-RISE Mobility Grant 2019

In order to get training on social networks analysis and collaborate with experts on policy coherence for development, I won the RISC-RISE young researcher mobility grant for a visiting researcher stay at the Instituto de Ecología, Mexico.

Travel Grant 2019

In 2019, I conducted fieldwork in Mexico City in order to gather information about foreign policy networks in Mexico and their role in promoting norms in Mexico. For this fieldwork stay I won the University of Helsinki‘s travel grant.

Uni.Lu Doctoral School Grants 2017

I won two grants from the University of Luxembourg’s Doctoral School of Humanities and Social Sciences to attend the 2017 EADI-NORDIC Conference and the 2017 RISC International Conference.

RISC Mobility Grant 2015-16

Fieldwork was crucial for my research on normative coherence for development in EU-Vietnam relations. To conduct this fieldwork in Vietnam, I won a RISC young researcher mobility grant.

I won Luxembourg’s national research grant for a 4-year PhD position at the University of Luxembourg to conduct innovative research on normative policy coherence for development.



Participative PCD Platform

Policy coherence for development needs to integrate politics, academia and civil society. In order to make PCD more responsive to civil society needs, we are currently developing a kowledge platform of participative PCD.

2022 RISC-RISE Summer School, virtual event

This year, I am part of the organizing committee for the doctoral and post-doctoral summer school on Comparative Sustainable Regional Integration.

Work Sessions for Early Career Researchers

We are continuing our doctoral and post-doctoral meetings for mutual support and constructive feedback on on-going projects or career opportunities.

Contact RISC-RISE for more information and registration.


2021 RISC-RISE Conference, Luxembourg

I am thrilled to be coordinating a panel for this year’s RISC-RISE international conference on “Social Participation and Regional Integration” hosted by the University of Luxembourg.

2021 RISC-RISE Summer School, virtual event

This year, I am part of the organizing committee for the doctoral and post-doctoral summer school on Comparative Sustainable Regional Integration.

Work Sessions for Early Career Researchers

Especially during times of social isolation, it is important to me to keep organizing these inspiring and supportive meetings for early career researchers. Contact RISC-RISE for more information and registration.


Bi-weekly Work Sessions for Early Career Researchers in 2020

In early 2020, I started this initiative to exchange with peers in order to overcome that feeling of uncertainty and loneliness caused by the Covid pandemic. As young researchers of the RISC-RISE community we have since then created a safe space for regular meetings to discuss our projects.

Special Issue Editor,


I am very excited to be a co-editor for our special issue on Normative Coherence for Development in Different World Regions, to be submitted soon.


2019 SEASIA Conference, Taiwan

I had the honor to organize and chair the Panel “Regionalism and policy implementation – a dialogue between Europe and Asia”.

2019 RISC-RISE Doctoral and Post-doctoral School, South Africa

I cooorganized this wonderful, international, and inter-disciplinary doctoral and post-doctoral school at the University of Johannesburg.

2019 Taiwan Fellowship, Taiwan

During my fellowship at the National Chengchi University, I was invited to give a public lecture on policy coherence for development in the EU and ASEAN.